Monday, March 31, 2014

It's been too long!

Geez...I've been so bad.  I'm sorry.  The time just keeps going faster and faster!  

In January, 10 of us started the new year with our own Project 365.  We are going to document events as well as every day life.  Wouldn't you love to see how your great grandmother spent her days?Well... I already have a 17 year old granddaughter, and with all of the new technology that springs up every day life as we know it changes quicker than ever.

I'm finding it easier to have the pages done before the month begins, that way we can all record things as they happen.... Heaven forbid I wait too long or I'll forget the little details!  So, I am going to post the first four months and see if I can keep caught up with the rest of the year.  I have been scouring FB and Pinterest for ideas, so it'll make me feel better if I can inspire someone else.

January 2014
Week One

Week two

Week three

Week Four

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